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CeraBarrier Moisture Active Cream Special Edition 50ml+30ml

CeraBarrier Moisture Active Cream Special Edition 50ml+30ml

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Do you also have lifestyle dry skin?

- excessive exfoliation

- long exposure to hot water

- applying moisturiser late after washing your face

- experiencing frequent dryness and itchiness due to your daily environment

- your skin barrier has weakened

If your skin has been damaged by lifestyle dryness, it cannot be resolved with general moisturisation alone, so it is also important to recover your daily skin barrier.

Introducing all of the existing benefits of Good Cera moisturising cream with extra moisturising power, absorption capacity, skin barrier reinforcement and an upgraded skin care solution!


This Holika Holika Daily Recovery Moisture Line is formulated with ceramides and phytosterols that are effective in strengthening the skin barrier and restoring damaged skin caused by daily lifestyle habits.

Main ingredient 'Cerative' = Ceramide (skin barrier adhesive) - A moisturising ingredient that strengthens the skin barrier with 5 types of ceramides, including plant-derived ceramides derived from olives + Phytosterol (Skin barrier repair) - A hydrating component that contains phytosterols derived from pine trees, which can help repair and rejuvenate damaged skin.


- Sensitive primary irritation test completed

This Ceramide toner smooths out skin texture and creates a moist skin base.

Moisture Cream: 

  • Sensitive primary irritation test completed
  • Immediate improvement of skin barrier damaged by external (physical) stimuli
  • Clinical test completed for improving moisture density
  • Clinical test completed for balancing moisture and oil levels in the skin.

This Ceramide cream restores skin’s moisture barrier by increasing moisture density. Moisture density was improved by 32% after 2 weeks of use.


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