Who We Are

Passionate about natural beauty products and about animals, we are based in Australia and import the latest in K Beauty natural skin care for those who want the very best for their skin, with competitive pricing and without animal testing. 

Holika Holika’s range of K Beauty skin care products have their own kind of rejuvenating magic, making it the hottest up and coming K Beauty brand on the market. Our natural ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea, honey extract, blueberry extract, shea butter and acai berry will enhance your natural beauty and let you shine bright.

Our range of imported natural Korean beauty products is based on years of research out of the SALK Institute in California, together with the finest natural ingredients to help you moisturise, nourish and protect your skin against the harsh Australian elements.

Become addicted to shining bright every day and enhance your natural beauty with Holika Holika.


Our values:

Enhance your beauty – our mission is to bring out your natural beauty, helping you to shine bright by looking after your skin.

Natural – we use products containing natural ingredients that care for you and your skin.

Hottest new K Beauty brand –Holika Holika is the hottest new K Beauty brand for the style conscious audience.

Fun- Share your happiest moments with the Holika Holika community. Whether it is shopping, catching up with friends at your favourite café, or just browsing socials at home - we want to share in your fun.

Affordable Quality – we offer our customers the very finest ingredients and products at affordable prices.